Quick Checklist to Shine on Your Dance Recital Day

Congratulations! Getting selected to perform before an audience is no mean feat. We understand how excited you are. We also understand how unnerving it can be, especially if you are not well prepared. Relax! All you have to do is focus on getting yourself a bit more organized before the show begins and you will be ready to shine in the spotlight. Here’s a checklist to get prepared:


  1. Don’t Miss Rehearsals: Try to attend every rehearsal to know your steps well. If you or your child is not practicing enough, it is hard to find confidence on stage. Your choreographer should be present to correct you when you miss a beat or advise you on your posture so you move with grace and finesse. The wrong postures don’t just look visually unattractive, but it can also lead to sprains and injuries.
  2. Get Your Costumes Together: Don’t leave everything to the last minute. List the items you need. There are costumes, props to keep in mind, accessories, and more. Write down the schedule on an Excel sheet: the time of the dance or dances, the different outfits and accessories for each one, makeup specifications, and shoes. Make sure you include the props!
  3. Separate Outfits in Separate Bags: Fold your clothes for different dances in large zip-lock bags where you can see each item clearly, and order them based on the performance. Place the shoes and accessories for each outfit in smaller zip-lock bags and tuck them into the bigger ones so they are all together. Place all the bags in a little trolley with wheels so you can lug it around easily.
  4. Carry extra pins and clips: Carry a bunch of safety pins and hairpins, wet and dry tissues, a pair of scissors and cotton balls for quick fixes and to wipe off makeup smudges. Keep lipstick, eyeliner, face powder, and hairspray in your handbag for last-minute touch-ups.
  5. Record on Your Phone: One good way to memorize your steps and to keep a reference at hand is to record the dances on your phone during one of your rehearsals after the entire dance is composed. A quick look will help you remember the steps and calm all those butterflies in your stomach.
  6. Don’t Skip Meals: Skipping meals before an important event because of stress is a sure way to get even more wound up. Make sure you have a healthy, but light meal, at least an hour or two before the program. Have fibre-rich foods to make digestion easier. You don’t want to move about feeling weighed down. Hydrate yourself with fluids but try to empty your bladder before you get on stage or you might be uncomfortable.


Dance Confidently at Confi-Dance Studios

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