Dancing is the Best Form of Exercise!

For most people who make a point to go to the gym in order to fit in their daily or weekly exercises will sometimes admit that going to the gym can sometimes be seen as a bit of a chore. A phrase often used when talking about cardio exercises is “it’s just so boring running on a treadmill.”

This is why the solution for those who find the concept of exercise tedious is to go and find something that can be fun to do while serving the purpose of exercise at the same time. One of these solutions is dancing.

Dancing is a workout that is both fun and good for your health and physique.

Here are some of the benefits of dancing as an exercise:

  • Full body workout: dancing doesn’t just focus on one part of the body; it focuses on almost all parts. There is a workout for the arms, legs, glutes, back and core as you shimmy or cha-cha across the dance floor.
  • Improves your balance and coordination: dancing requires moving several parts of the body at once to a certain beat. You may be rusty at first but as time goes on, your body will get used to moving in certain ways, therefore improving your balance and coordination.
  • Improves your flexibility: with pre-workout stretches and then the actual dance moves followed by post workout stretches, your body will become more flexible if you keep up with the dancing routines.
  • Raises heart rate:dancing will increase your heart rate. The more up tempo the music is, the faster the dance moves, the higher the heart rate.
  • Strength training: when it comes to dancing workouts, there are typically no weights involved. However, even though there are no lifting weights, you are lifting your own body weight with each dance move. This leads to strengthening your muscles.
  • Constant change: for those who claim to get bored easily, that is no excuse when it comes to dancing. Each dance workout is different because they mix up the music, types of dances and the speed of the tempo each time. The variation in the dance workout is good since it can use muscles that were perhaps not used in the previous dance workout. This can achieve consistency in working out all parts of the body.

Dancing is a great workout for your body, it is suitable for all body types and it’s actually fun. It is said that one dancing class equals to one session of jogging. There are a multitude of dance workouts that you can choose, ranging from jazz to contemporary, hip-hop to ballet and more. Mixing it up will guarantee that you will never be bored with dancing.

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